At D&E, our commitment is to continuously seek new and improved ways to reduce our impact on the planet. From our manufacturing facilities, through our processes and product, to how they affect your work, leisure or learning environments, our promise is to tread lightly. This is why we have worked diligently to ensure each and every one of our products has achieved GREENGUARD® Internal Air Quality certification.

On each product page, from laminate office furniture to Club and locker room furniture, you will find a link to the specific certificate for that product. Additionally, the certificates may be sourced through Simply go to this website and search D&E.


D&E Wood Industries (D&E) has set out to demonstrate to the consumer how its products can meet the current LEED rating for Materials & Resources (MR) and Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ). Each product line provides a detailed breakdown of points attained under these certifications as well as material content percentage of specific materials used in their construction (see Price List). The categories listed below have been found to be worthy of points as applied to the LEED ratings based on D&E’s manufactured product. Additional points may be awarded provided certain buyer/end user criteria are met.

LEED® Commercial Interiors

LEED® New Construction

Materials & Resources
MR 4.1: Recycled Content – 10%
MR 4.2: Recycled Content – 20%


MR 5.1: Regional Materials – 20% manufactured regionally
MR 5.2: Regional Materials – 10% extracted and manufactured regionally
(Please see map for details)


MR 7.0: Certified Wood


Indoor Environmental Quality
EQ 4.5: Low-emitting Materials