At D&E, our commitment is to continuously seek new and improved ways to reduce our impact on the planet. From our manufacturing facilities, through our processes and product, to how they affect your work, leisure or learning environments, our promise is to tread lightly.

Our Promise

D&E understands its responsibility as a corporate citizen to protect and preserve the environment. As such, we maintain strict guidelines in all aspects of managing our environmental impact. From how we design and build our products, to the materials we use in them; how we maintain our facilities and dispose of any hazardous materials, we take environmental responsibility seriously.
We are continuously seeking ways to improve our systems and reduce our footprint. Here is what we are doing right now:

Current Report


  • ALL D&E products are GREENGUARD certified. The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) certifies products and materials for low chemical emissions ensuring a high level of indoor air quality
  • Products feature laminate board which meets the most stringent world standards on toxic emissions
  • Our board contains recovered and recycled material content from vendors who proudly enjoy SCS Green Cross Certification


  • Products are shipped blanket wrapped or on wooden pallets as much as possible
  • Where needed, product cartons are of lightweight corrugated paper which contributes to reduced paper waste.
  • Products are manufactured in Ontario, Canada conveniently located close to the Canada/US border for easy transport throughout North America

Manufacturing Processes

  • D&E utilizes state of the art, high production precision equipment outfitted with energy efficient motors
  • Hazardous waste and used solvent reclamation programs are in effect
  • Recycling processes that are both internally generated and/or out sourced are engaged
  • D&E utilizes adhesives and materials that are free of ozone depleting substances
  • Emphasis is places on safety in all facets of our operations


  • All facilities are illuminated with the most energy efficient fluorescent and HID light sources
  • Our buildings are heated with highly efficient Natural Gas systems
  • Manufacturing processes ensure our environment is free from indoor emissions and volatile organic compounds (VOC's)
  • Our buildings are equipped with sophisticated air exhaust/dust collection/air filtration & reclamation systems which create and maintain clean air