A Quick Guide to Sound Locker Selection

Whether using the expertise of a professional or undertaking a renovation with an internal team, the points outlined here will help guide an informed locker purchase.
  1. Spatial requirements:
  2. Number of lockers required based on peak and “swing” times
  3. Available floor space
  4. Activities to be supported?
    1. Seasonal sports
    2. Members/users coming to/from work
    3. Shoe cleaning service supported by an external shoe drawer
This information will help determine the number of lockers required as well as the size of the locker best suited for the application. It will also start to provide insight into the accessories required on the inside of the locker; i.e. movable shelves, hocks, clothing rods, etc.
  1. Performance criteria:
    1. Positioned near “wet” areas such as showers or a pool?
    2. Storage of wet towels in the lockers or at towel drops?
    3. Sports equipment stored in the lockers?
    4. Maintenance practices of the facility?
Material selection is the greatest influencer on performance. Metal will be highly influenced by moisture while thermo-fused polymer is virtually moisture resistant as well as durable and easily maintained.
  1. Security issues:
    1. Are lockers individually assigned or used by rotating individuals?
    2. Level of convenience required?
    3. Level of master control required?
An extensive selection of lock options provides different features and benefits. An assessment of the user’s needs and the Club’s requirements will help provide direction in this area.
  1. Warranty:
This speaks to the product performance under prescribed conditions and over a designated time frame. An understanding of this will support a cost analysis and a projected rate of return on the initial investment. The data resulting from this review will help to lay a foundation on which to make a sound locker purchase. Further consideration to the amenities such as; towel drops, grooming stations, and benches will also be supported by this evaluation process.

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