Choosing the right hinge for your furniture; Butt hinge vs. European hinge

As a manufacturer with extensive custom capabilities, D&E Industries is often engaged with our clients about specific details on constructing products. Most recently, hinges have been a topic of conversation with a bit of a debate between a commonly recognizable Butt hinge in comparison to the European hinge. While the Butt hinge holds a dominant position in ornate residential cabinetry, the European hinge is always the winner for commercial applications where durability and a concealed aesthetic are the desired result. The debate breaks down along the following lines:

A Quick Guide to Sound Locker Selection

Whether using the expertise of a professional or undertaking a renovation with an internal team, the points outlined here will help guide an informed locker purchase.
  1. Spatial requirements:
  2. Number of lockers required based on peak and “swing” times
  3. Available floor space
  4. Activities to be supported?
    1. Seasonal sports
    2. Members/users coming to/from work
    3. Shoe cleaning service supported by an external shoe drawer